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5/24/18 - Added a story about the Camp Evans Ammo Dump Explosion on 19 May 1968 from Bob Witt. Also, on the B/227 site, a story about the same event that was previously posted on a B/227 website that is no longer on line.

5/20/18 - Added a story that about the Mid Air at Camp Evans in the fall of 1968. This story originally appeared on a B/227 website that no longer is online.

5/18/18 - At our reunion in Nashville we gathered a lot of new photos and documents. Check our reunion site for a list of all those attending as well as photos from the 2018 reunion (including the group photos taken by the AAAA). Also check our history blog for a lot of new information, documents and a video. I will be adding more items over the next few months. Thanks to everyone who shared their items to add to our online history.

3/24/18 - Added a new story from Robert Kelly (A/227 & D/227) to the website: Holy Flight

3/16/18 - Added a new story from Robert Kelly (A/227 & D/227) to the website about May 19, 1968 - the ammo dump - his promotion ceremony - and Ho Chi Minh's Birthday.

3/4/18 - Added a new story from John Ray and James Caufman about a mission in Laos to rescue the pilots of a crashed Mohawk.

1/7/18 - Notified today about the passing of Wayne Driver at his home in Missouri. Wayne served with A/227, 1967 - 1968. Wayne was invaluable in finding, and connecting, lost brothers of our unit. More information available online.

7/19/17 - Added a "Chickenman" patch onto our items for sale page.

5/10/17 - Updated our reunion website with a listing of all 2017 reunion attendees "Morning Report" as well as a new photo album of the 2017 reunion.

5/10/17 - Added New items in our "ITEMS FOR SALE" section to the website with 227th embroidered clothing

1/31/17 - Notified today about the passing of David E. Jones (A/227, March 1968 - January 1969). His obituary is available online at:

1/10/17 - Jeff Goshert is working on hats and shirts that would have the crew chief/ crew member wings used in place of the aviator wings. He is looking for a high resolution photo of the crew chief/crew members wings. If anyone has an image that could be used please email .

9/6/16 - Our 2017 Reunion registration is now available on the Reunion website.

8/1/16 - Jeff Goshert, Aviator, May 1968 to May 1969, provided a series of video segments for our History Blog of A/227 events at Camp Evans, Lai Khe and Dong Xoai from his tour. This is some of the best video to date of our unit.

7/14/16 - Chuck Stevens sent along some photos of a walking stick he had made. At our reunion in Atlanta, Gary Thayer donated a walking stick for our auction that was impressive. Chuck had his made up by the same individual that made Gary's.

6/6/16 - Jeff Goshert (A/227, 1968-1969) has made arrangements to have some hats and Polo Shirts made up with an embroidered design that has silver wings on top of crossed gold sabers with the Battalion designation above and the company designation below (A or D)

3/18/16 - Added several new photos from Larry Hirschi to his photo album from Camp Evans and Lai Khe. Larry has some of the best quality photos of Camp Evans and Lai Khe we have seen!.

3/13/16 - Notified today about the death of George R. Giles from Chesterfield, Missouri, who served with A/227 in 1967 as Company Commander at Phan Thiet. His funeral arrangements are through the Bopp Chapel, 10610 Manchester Road, Kirkwood, MO, 63122.

3/9/16 - Notified today about the death of Michael D. Tarter from Goshen, OH, who served with A/227 from 1968 to 1969 at Lai Khe. His funeral arrangements are through the Tufts Schildmeyer Family Funeral Home, 1668 State Route 28, Goshen, OH 45122.

1/12/16 - The 5/7 Cavalry Association has sent an Invitation to the 227th for their 2016 reunion in Colorado Springs this August.

11/13/15 - Added a new
video from CW3 Jason Dallas (currently at Fort Rucker but previously serving with A/3-227). This is the "End of Tour" video from the 2011-2012 deployment to Afghanistan. There is a mix of companies but all 227th.

9/14/15 - We have made a major change in our plans for our next reunion - please check out our reunion website for further details.

8/26/15 - Added a new Photo Album from Robert Keller (1965-1966) to the An Khe section of our online photos.

8/4/15 - Added a poem from Pat Sweeney to our Stories section. Pat was in-country on July 16, 1969 as Sp4 (67N20). Assigned first to 15th TC maintenance for 2 weeks, Long Binh, then he was dispersed as DS (direct support) 6-man maintenance team leader to Company A, 227th AHB, 1st Cavalry at Lai Khe.

8/1/15 - Dennis Burden now has some items for sale on our website.

8/1/15 - I have added an article to our History Blog about the stories on our website and the number of readers we have each month.

6/29/15 - Bob Witt has found UH-1H, 67-17424, still flying with the Colombian National Police. I have added photos to our History Blog of its current configuration.

5/28/15 - Added information today to our History Blog about UH-1H 65-09949 which is on display in North Carolina.

3/12/15 - Notified today about the death of WO Randy Gee who served with A/227 from 1967 to 1968. His funeral arrangements are through the Memorial Funeral Home in Newport, RI. Also added a newspaper story about Randy after his return from Vietnam

11/11/14 - Added photos from our 2014 reunion to our photo album.

7/9/14 - Added 17 new photos of Camp Evans and the local AO from Bert Williams. Photos located at the end of his photo album.

6/28/14 - Added a new photo album with photos from Richard Bryan. Richard served with A/227 from March 1966 to March 1967.

5/30/14 - Added a new photo album with photos from Dennis Boerner. CPT Boerner served with C/227 in 1965. He went over on the USS Boxer and has some great photos of the trip as well as photos of the original buildup of the "Golf Course" at An Khe.

5/4/14 - Added a new photo album with photos from Tom Phillips who served with A/227 Avionics in 1970 - 1971 at Lai Khe and Camp Holloway.

3/23/14 - Our reunion website is now updated with information about our 2014 reunion in Savannah, GA.

3/8/14 - Updated the memorial page for SP4 Kent Zerr

3/2/14 - Company A, 3-227AHB, Werewolves, now have a photo album at the top of our photo album page where they will be adding photos from their current tour in Afghanistan.

2/22/14 - Published a newsletter from A Co. 3-227AHB, Camp Marmal, Afghanistan onto our History Blog. From 1SG Michael A. Brown: "Just wanted to give you all an update on what the A Co 3/227th AHB Werewolves are up to these days and get a commo check with you all as well. We are once again deployed forward in Camp Marmal, Masar E Sharif, Balkh Province, Afghanistan in support of OEF 13-14."

1/16/14 - Today is the 45th anniversary of the aircraft accident at Lai Khe that took the lives of CPT David A. Carlin (Executive Officer), CWO George F. Lapan (Maintenance Officer), SP5 John C. Deaton (Crew Chief), SP5 Paul R. Dew (Crew Chief), SP5 Frederick L. Holder (Maintenance Specialist), SP5 John Mirich (Maintenance Specialist), along with PFC Jon Osheim, a Chaplain's Assistant with the 1st Infantry Division.

I have added today another story about that loss of our crew members from Ed Mahr, who served as Crew Chief at Lai Khe, and was a close friend of both John Deaton and Paul Dew.

12/5/13 - The results for our 2014 reunion survey are now available. Using the results from that survey our facilities committee will now be making arrangements. As soon as specific information is available it will be posted on our reunion website.

12/2/13 - Added a new story to the "III Corps" story section from Paul Antokolsky. Paul was a SP5 Medic who served with the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry (Mechanized), which was part of the 1st Infantry Division at Lai Khe in 1969. Paul was the Medic first on the scene at the accident site on January 16th, 1969. He has shared his recollections of that event.

12/1/13 - Notified today about the death of (SP4) Roger M Goss from Crossville, TN, who served with A/227 from 1968 to 1969 at Lai Khe. His funeral arrangements are through the Bilbrey Funeral Home, 76 East Adams St. Crossville, TN., 38555

11/13/13 - Added a new story to the "Early II Corps" story section from Jim Puhala & Bob Kelly about their shoot down in November, 1967.

9/11/13 - Bob Witt has provided more information and a photo about the loss of CWO Donald K. McNeil and WO1 Mark D. Young. I have attached his information to the story of their shoot down north of Dong Ha.

11/3/13 - I have had a request for information from a member of C/1/5 Cavalry who served during the Spring of 1968, including Tet, Khe Sanh, and A Shau campaigns time periods. He has a couple of questions that I have added to the "Searching" section of our website.

10/29/13 - Tom Johnson has forwarded information about the Vinh Son Montagnard Orphanage in the Kontum area of Vietnam. A group known as The Friends of the Vinh Son Orphanage provide support for the health, education and welfare of the children at the orphanage.

9/23/13 - Please complete our survey regarding our next reunion. The facilities committee is now planning for our next reunion which will be during the fall of 2014. This survey asks for your input about the possible locations for that reunion as well as other ideas you might have. Thank you in advance for your input.

7/31/13 - Added a new photo album with 178 photos from the family of Lee R. King, KIA, 5 February 1968.

6/30/13 - Added a new section to our "Stories" of Poems. Wayne Driver has provided some poems that came from a gentleman named Sam Weaver who used some of Wayne's stories for his poems.

5/9/13 - 45 Years ago today we lost two pilots, CWO Donald K. McNeil and WO1 Mark D. Young, who were shot down just south of the DMZ. I have added a story about their loss in our story section.

5/4/13 - Added a new photo album with photos from the family of SGT Joseph Edward "Pete" Heiman, Door Gunner, who was KIA on 5 February 1968.

5/1/13 - I have published the final results from our 227th AHB Health Survey. We had a total of 36 responses during the month our health survey was online. Several of our members had expressed an interest in finding out about the prevalence of health issues resulting from our tour in Vietnam. As you can see from the results, Agent Orange has taken its toll, as well as other combat related injuries, on members of the 227th AHB.

4/25/13 - Added a new photo album with photos from Dave Ondrey, Gunner during 1968 - 1969 at Lai Khe.

4/15/13 - Added a new photo album with photos from James Shook, Crew Chief during 1971 - 1972 at Camp Holloway.

3/31/13 - From Kenn Christenson: "I want to extend an invitation to a premier of the "First Attack" video, down in Burbank, CA, on May 9th. The plan is for all the 227th/1-227th members, who can attend, to meet for dinner, beforehand, then go to the theater, for the film, which will show at 8pm., followed by a final get-together of the 227th/1-227th members at a nearby pub. Here is the theater's address: AMC 16, 125E. Palm Ave., Burbank, CA 91502. I will have more details on the event, shortly.

Right now, the Battalion Commander and several troopers, mentioned in the video, are planning to attend, along with the actor, Nick Searcy. We've got the theater for 3 hours, so we'll have time for presentations, acknowledgement of each member of the 227th/1-227th in attendance, along with time for any member, who'd like to, to address the audience. We're going to open up the screening to the general public - making certain all 227th-1-227th members will have reserved seating. Please email RSVP by April 15th to if you can make it - so we can be sure we've reserved enough room for all 227th members." Note: this a separate event from the anticipated 50th reunion.

3/27/13 - Received word about the anticipated 50th reunion of the 227th from contact person, LT Derek Meyer. "First off, I sincerely apologize for the delay of information feedback from this email. Second, I would like to thank you all for your inquiry about the 227th Aviation Regiment Reunion, but regret to inform you it has been put on hold; at least until the operational tempo of the 1st Air Cavalry Brigade finds a lull. Our organization is linked to the members of 1ACB and though we are separate entities, we intend on keeping a professional relationship with them. I, as promised, will inform you of any updates to the possibility of the reunion being back on and will give you the dates and places as soon as I know so you can make appropriate plans. I hope this has not been a burden for you and have the highest hopes for us being able to conduct this reunion so that we can bring members back in contact with old friends. Additionally, I apologize for the website not being up and operational, but we are still waiting for approval through the appropriate legal channels."

3/25/13 - Received notice of the passing of LTC W.F. Dixon, who commanded the 227th AHB in the spring of 1968 for the campaigns at Khe Sahn and the A Shau Valley. "LTC ( R ) WF Dixon's funeral service will be on 27 MAR, at 1500 (3:00pm). We will have a viewing beginning at 1400 (2:00pm). The service will be held at the Meyers Funeral Chapel, in Blue Springs MO, at 1600 West Main Street. The funeral home's web site ( will have an obituary posted for Dad. Our family request is for any donations to be made in Dad's honor to the Wounded Warrior Project. Meyers Funeral home will have a link to that site from the obituary. Dad will be buried in Arlington National Cemetary with full military honors, at a date to be determined." T.J. Dixon

3/8/13 - Added a new photo album to the Camp Evans AO section from Lt Charles Brown who served with C/1/5 Cavalry during Khe Sanh, LZ Stud and LZ Peanuts. Charles also hosts a Facebook page for C/1/5

2/16/13 - Added two new patches for sale.

2/11/13 - CW4 Dan McClinton, USA, Retired, has posted a website dedicated to the upcoming celebration of the 50th anniversary of the formation of the 227th AHB and it's direct descendant the 1st Battalion 227th Aviation Regiment also known as First Attack. Check out the video he has produced on the site.

1/20/13 - Dennis Howell, Crew Chief, May 1971 to March 1972, has shared a new video for our
History Research Blog.

During February 1971, while the 1st Cavalry Division was being withdrawn from Vietnam, A/227 became part of the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion and was re-designated A/227 Assault Helicopter Company. In September 1971 the 3rd Aviation Company, 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion, was constituted from the assets of A Company 227th AHC.

1/16/13 - The latest edition of the VHPA magazine has posted information about a website for the 227th Aviation Regiment 50th Anniversary at Fort Hood, Texas, in April 2013. This website will be providing information as it is updated. Also you can email the for more information.

1/11/13 - Added four video clips provided by Ed Friday, Crew Chief on UH-1H #68-15735, to our History Research Blog. Ed provided these video clips from his tour with A/227 during 1969 and 1970 flying out of Lai Khe. These videos are a great record of the experiences we all shared while serving with A/227. Ed says: "I hope everyone enjoys them."

12/22/12 - Added three new photo albums. Craig Tonjes who served with A/227 from August 1970 to March 1972 has provided 352 photos. J.P. Edwards who served with A/227 from August 1967 to March 1968 provided 26 photos. Ron Dillard who served with A/227 from March 1969 to September 1969 has provided 16 photos. All of these photos are in albums with their names in our online photo album.

12/21/12 - Added two new photo albums. Mickey Barry who served with A/227 from January 1970 to August 1971 has provided 85 photos and Gene Champe has 11 photos from his time as Company Commander from May 1971 to 1972.

12/16/12 - Added a video to the History Research Blog of the Honor Guard Ceremony held during our 2012 reunion to honor members of A/227 and D/227 Killed in Action.

11/9/12 - Added a few photos from our reunion in Branson, Missouri to the photo album (Reunion 2012).

8/12/12 - Added a story from Robert Kelly titled: "Lost and Found", to the I Corps Story site.

8/5/12 - Tyler Alberts has been able to find and copy the Daily Logs for the 227th AHB for the time period May 1968 to early August 1969. I have now scanned all of these documents and posted them to the history section of our website. I have scanned each month as a separate PDF document. The original documents will be available for review at our next reunion. Some of these documents are large and will take a few minutes to download.

7/26/12 - Larry Vetter has sent in a photo from May 1970 in Cambodia. I have added this photo to our photo album. He asks if anyone can identify the others in the photo?

5/31/12 - Added a story from Robert Kelly about the loss of D/227 gunship #66-15052 in the A Shau.

5/26/12 - Added photos to a page in memory of Gary L. Holz from his brother Ron Holz.

5/21/12 - Updated the reunion website with the most current information about our reunion in November.

1/30/12 - The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has undertaken a project to gather photos of the individuals whose names are on the Virtual Wall.
The link to the website to submit a photo is:

1/16/12 - Added an A/227 license plate to the "For Sale" section from John LaDue.

1/2/12 - Added four more months (September to December) to the 227th Battalion S-3 Daily Logs for 1968 in our history section. These documents are provided by our unit historian, Tyler Alberts, from his research at the National Archives.

11/23/11 - Added a few new patches to the "Items for Sale" section from Kathy Ray.

11/20/11 - John Keller found his copy of the menu for Thanksgiving 1966 at LZ Oasis. We have a couple of photos from that Thanksgiving in our photo album - now we also have the Thanksgiving menu.

11/14/11 - From Craig Tonjes: As many of you know, Chickenman 051 is in a permanent display at American Legion Post 639 in Springfield, MO (photo). Over the years, she has weathered and is in dire need of refurbishing. I have spurred the Post to establish a fund so at the earliest possible opportunity, she can be restored to her former glory. I have further provided all the necessary photos of her appearance in Vietnam to assure that the restoration will include all the appropriate markings of A227th...Chickenman. While she needs the work now, at the very least, I would like to see her restored by next summer so she will be ready for a field trip during the next A227th Reunion over Veterans Day in Branson in 2012. Your donations will be greatly appreciated!!! Here is the link to do so:

11/13/1 - Chuck Stevens has a new large helicopter patch for sale in our For Sale section.

11/13/11 - Added a Slide Show of some of our Vietnam Photos to the History Blog.

11/7/11 - Just learned today that our artist in residence, Mike Scovel, has been chosen to create a life size sculpture for a new Veterans Memorial Plaza in Schertz, Texas. Information about this project.

11/7/11 - Company D, 227th AHB, 1CAV, now has their own website online. Their website is just beginning and will be updated as more information becomes available.

11/7/11 - Added a new "Old Farts" patch the the "For Sale" section of the website from Kathy Ray.

10/2/11 - I have removed the "Members Only Forum" from our website due to lack of use. Only three postings to our Forum have been made in the last two years - two of which asked if anyone was visiting the forum - and one just posting a link to another site.

9/24/11 - Added a new story to the I Corps Story Section about the Shoot Down in August 1968 of UH-1H 67-17378.

8/24/11 - Updated the "Items for Sale" section of the website to inlcude the new patches being offered by Kathy Ray.

8/23/11 - Added four photos to the 3-227 Photo Album of Afghanistan from CW2 Mike Caudle. Mike also sent the photo that is now on our homepage - showing the door logo.

8/23/11 - Added a new photo album with 377 photos from Marshall Ferris, Marshall served with A/227 as an aviator from April 1966 to July 1967.

8/22/11 - Jay Dirnberger sent in a photo of the "Night Hunter" patch which I have added to the "Memorabilia" photo album.

8/17/11 - CW2 Evan DeWan, who is currently serving in Afghanistan with Company A, 3-227 Werewolves, has started a comic since he arrived called "Air Cav". "It kinda pokes fun at the Air Cav and mostly the pilots and crew chiefs. The short strips come from events that happened mostly and some that I just think would be funny because I'm sure we have all thought of it." We will be publishing his artwork in a new photo album called: Cartoons by CW2 Evan DeWan.

8/9/11 - Added 24 new photos to the Reunion 2011 photo album from Chris Lockwood.

8/9/11 - Added a new photo album with 110 photos from Tim O'Connor in the Lai Khe section of our photo album. Tim served with A/227 as a Crew Chief from March 1970 to March 1971.

8/1/11 - Added a new photo album with 195 Photos from Cliff Richard. Cliff served with A/227 as an aviator from June 1966 to June 1967.

7/27/11 - Jim Puhala sent along a copy of his hand written notebook which he kept while serving with D/227 at Phan Thiet. I have added this notebook to our History Blog. His notebook has 95 pages of information from August 1967 to the end of December 1967.

7/26/11 - Added a new photo album with 72 Photos from Reg Nelson into the An Khe section. Reg served with A/227 as a Gunner from November 1965 to November 1966.

7/22/11 - Added a new photo album with 41 photos from Dennis Howell into the Camp Holloway section. Dennis served with A/227 as a Crew Chief from May 1971 to May 1972.

7/18/11 - Added a new photo album with 179 photos from Bert Williams. Bert served with A/227 as an Aviator from April of 1968 to April of 1969.

7/6/11 - Added a roster to our History Blog from Tim O'Connor, who served with A/227 as a Crew Chief from March 1970 to March 1971. This hand written roster has the aircraft assigned to A/227 along with each aircrafts assigned Crew Chief, Gunner and Aircraft Commander.

7/6/11 - I have added a new section to our photo album with 253 photos from Jerry Westenskow. I will be adding more photos to the website over the next month that were provided by our members at our reunion.

6/27/11 - Added a (more or less complete) A/227 roster for the time period, March 1967 to June 1967, to our History Blog. This is a handwritten document that was provided during our reunion by George Giles who served as A/227 Commanding Officer during that time period.

6/25/11 - John Brennan, former SP5, Flight Operations Coordinator, 114 AHC, Vinh Long AAF, Mekong Delta, 1970-71, has authored a book of helicopter names from Vietnam. This book is the first of a two part series (next summer he plans to have a companion book of helicopter nose art available).

He writes: "As for nose art names and colorful nose art on helicopters the men of A/227 have no competition. Without a doubt the most unique visual display seen anywhere in-country, hands down." His current book "U.S. Army Helicopter Names In Vietnam", is published by Hellgate Press. The listed price is $31.95, however, you may obtain a signed copy for $29.95, shipping included, by sending a check or money order to: John Brennan, 17355 Via Annette, San Lorenzo, CA 94580

"P.S. Listed in this book are 54 slick names credited to A Co 227 AHB."
"P.P.S You are welcome to preview the first 20 pages by accessing the publisher's website:"

6/12/11 - Some photos from our 2011 reunion are now included in our photo album. There are also new items added to the "Items for Sale" section of the website.

6/8/11 - Some members during our reunion were asking about contacting the VHPA webmaster to update their aircraft information. After reviewing the individual aircraft reports some had wanted to change/add information about the incidents reported. I have contacted Gary Roush, who is the individual responsible for the aircraft database. If you have updates please contact at this email. Please also CC me with the updates so that I can make the same changes on our website.

6/6/11 - Please mark your calendars!
At the business meeting held during our 2011 reunion it was voted to hold our next reunion in Branson, MO (Grand Plaza Hotel) during the Veteran's Day weekend of 2012 (November 8 through 12, 2012).

Over the next couple of months I will be adding lots of new photos and other documents to our website that members provided during our reunion..

4/18/11 - Added a new photo album with photos from Gordon Lewis, Door Gunner 1967.

1/5/11 - I have upgraded to a newer version of our Photo Album Software. Please email me if you have any problems viewing photos. Everything should work OK.

1/3/11 - We just received information from Dirk Appel that SGT Kevin Smith (A/227 Door Gunner, Nov 68 to Nov 69), passed away December 31, 2010. He joined us last year in Branson and became ill shortly after. His obituary is listed with the Cartmell Funeral Home in Plymouth, MA.

12/28/10 - Updated information about our next reunion on the reunion website.

11/6/10 - Added nine new photographs to the An Khe Photo Album (Last Uploads) from Marvin Wolf, who went to An Khe with the advance party and was assigned to PIO, 1CAV from August 65 to November 66, taking photos almost every day.

10/11/10 - Craig Tonjes reported that he has found his aircraft (69-15051) in a static display at the American Legion Post 639 in Springfield MO. Craig has previously posted a photo of that aircraft in flight near Lai Khe into our Lai Khe photo album. At his earliest opportunity he plans a pilgrimage to Springfield for a reunion.

9/20/10 - Added a new folder to our photo album with photos from Steve Chrisman, Crew Chief, 68-69. Please help identify unknowns. You can email me directly with information or you can create a login (login button at the top of the photo album page) to our photo album to add comments to any photo.

9/14/10 - Updated the Stories - Late II Corps story about Firebase 6 with additional information from Steve Atkinson.

9/1/10 - I have added a new section to our photo album with photos from CW2 Jason Dallas, who is currently serving with Company A, 3-227 Air Assault Battalion, 1st Air Cavalry. The photos are from their deployment last year in Iraq.

7/13/10 - Added a couple of new pieces of information to the history blog this month, including a complete Company Roster for July 1969.

7/12/10 - Follow up on Guy Sparrow's July 4th visit to the All Veteran's Memorial and aircraft 66-16304.
The "All Veterans Memorial" located on Iowa Rte 92 and U.S. 61 in S.E. Iowa features a Vietnam era Huey Helicopter displayed as if in flight making a left bank maneuver. This memorial honors the Veterans of all U.S. Wars.
Guy Sparrow met up with Jeff Goshert and Dave Jones this July 4th weekend. They were invited to ride on the Veteran's Float in the Fourth of July Parade and were well received. Guy is looking into working with the local Veteran's Group to see if they would be willing to make some addition to the helicopter's pedestal that would recognize our unit (and/or) members.
7/11/10 - Updated Information about the 2/7 Cav Reunion
The Marriott Cool Springs Hotel is full. Bud Alley (2/7th) was able to secure additional rooms at the new Marriott Courtyard across the street. Their direct phone number is 615-778-0080. Mention 7th Cav/Alley reunion for your special reunion rates.
There is a Phan Thiet group already formed. In addition there are 2/7th personnel attending from Fort Benning through Vietnam, and from every AO the Cav fought in Vietnam.
Joe Galloway has indicated he will try to attend. No guarantee.
Bud has plenty of events planned. Vietnam related as well as site seeing in the Nashville area.
If you plan to attend please send your registration in ASAP.
6/22/10 - We just received information that Major Darryl Edonis Priest, 34, the son of David Priest (A/227, Oct 68 to Oct 69), passed away June 16, 2010. A Celebration of Life service will be Wednesday, June 23, 2010, at 10 a.m. at Jackson Memory Funeral Home in Town Creek, AL.

6/20/10 - Several of our members will be attending the 2/7th Cavalry 1965-1968 Reunion this September in Nashville, TN. Information about the 2/7th Reunion is available here (PDF format) for anyone who may be interested in attending.

6/14/10 - Added three new folders to our photo album with photos from Eddy Esposti, John Ray and Mike Scovel. If you can identify unknown people or places in any of our photos please either email me or else you can register (at the top of the photo album page) and be able to add comments directly to the photo. Thanks!

6/6/10 - Added a new folder to our Lai Khe photo album with 269 photos from Wayne Trucke. Wayne was stationed at Lai Khe from December 1968 to December 1969.

6/1/10 - Added a new desktop icon of the older "Pouvior" Crest.

5/26/10 - Added a couple of new pieces of information to the history blog this month.

5/11/10 - Added a new folder to our photo album (Museum album) with photos from Guy Sparrow of aircraft 66-16304. Guy found this aircraft at the All Veterans Memorial, U.S. Highways 92 and 61 at Iowa Highway 252, Grandview, Iowa.

5/7/10 - A decision about our next reunion has been made. Check the Reunion site for more details.

5/4/10 - Added two new folders to our photo album with photos from Richard Crane and Jim Cooper. If you can identify unknown people or places in any of our photos please either email me or else you can register (at the top of the photo album page) and be able to add comments directly to the photo. Thanks!

4/27/10 - I received a note from Guy Sparrow that he has found his aircraft (66-16304) on a pedistal (banking to the left) in Grandview, Iowa. Guy will be sending photos and newspaper clippings soon. He has been invited to their July 4th celebration this year.

4/27/10 - Photo Album Update
I recently added photos from Brad Daghita and Joe Zigler to the Phan Thiet Photo Album.
I have added new album folders for Bill Foster, Guy Sparrow and Rickey McKay that contain the photos they have provided. These albums are located near the bottom of the album listings.
More photos will be added soon.

4/11/10 - Updated the Ozark Elementary School page. Student letters were mailed out last week to our volunteers.

3/20/10 - Added a section for A/227 members to list their items for sale.

3/16/10 - Removed the old photo albums so that only our new photo album is viewable. This new album contains all the previous photos in a searchable format. I have also added a new category for photos of memorabilia. Look here for information about the new album. I will be adding new photos to the album on a regular basis.

3/7/10 - Desktop icons of the A/227 pocket patch and the 227th Crest (The same images as those on the top of this page) are available. Download either in Macintosh or Windows format.
If you use Firefox as your internet browser you may also be interested in the "Personas" at:

3/3/10 - Added a story about the October, 1967, crash at Phan Thiet to the Early II Corps Story section.

2/27/10 - We just received a note from Eugene Ramirez's sister (Melissa Zenteno)that Gene passed away February 24th. Services are pending. She was grateful for being able to have him join us in Branson.

2/19/10 - Please take a look at the Ozark Elementary School page. We are looking for A/227 members who would be willing to correspond with third grade students from that school.

2/17/10 - I have activated the new photo album. Please use the THIS LINK for information about the new album

1/17/10 - I have added a new History Research Blog to our website. This will be a place to find the newest information collected about our unit by our unit historian, Tyler Alberts.

12/27/09 - Updated information on the Reunion section of our website.

12/9/09 - Added a Christmas Eve in Vietnam story from Bob Kelly to the Early II Corps Stories.

12/7/09 - I have posted the group photo from our first reunion into the "Reunion - News". This section also has copies of the student letters that were presented to our members during the Veteran's Day Parade. I will be updating the entire Reunion section, along with other additions and updates to the website, over the next two months.

10/16/09 - Reprinted a couple of magazine articles into the History section, 1968 and 1969.

10/4/09 - Added several new photos to the Phan Thiet Part Four Photo Album and the Camp Evans Part Four Photo Album from Jerry Westenskow.

9/30/09 - Added two new photos to the Phan Thiet Part Four Photo Album from Jerry Westenskow.

9/23/09 - Added three new photos to the An Khe Part Three Photo Album from Russell Parker.

9/10/09 - Added several new photos to the Lai Khe Part Five photo album from Ted Grossman. Also added a newspaper story in the III Corps story section about Randy Kittleson, KIA 1970.

8/12/09 - Activated the new "Members Only Forum". The link is active on each page menu under: FORUM - Members Only.

8/10/09 - Added four new photos to the An Khe Part Three Photo Album from Robert Keller.

7/19/09 - Added a link to a video about "Chickenman 102" into the III Corps Stories. This documentary video was made by Larry "Skinny" Spaulding, B 2/7th Cavalry.

7/13/09 - Added 32 photos from Robert Keller to a new An Khe Part Three Photo Album.

7/10/09 - Added fourteen photos to the end of the Phan Thiet Part Five Photo Album from Jim Puhala.

7/9/09 - Added two photos to the beginning of the An Khe Part One Photo Album from Bob Keller. Bob was with A company, 227th onboard the ships from Fort Benning to Vietnam.

7/3/09 - Added another eleven photos from Terry Moore to the Camp Holloway Part Two Photo Album and another two photos to the Lai Khe Part Five Photo Album.

6/29/09 - Added another seven photos from Terry Moore to the Camp Holloway Part Two Photo Album.

6/22/09 - Added the 1971 Memorial Service held to honor Major Adams, Captain Curran, SP4 Durrand, and SP4 Robinson to our 1971 history section. This material provided by Terry Moore.

6/11/09 - Added another eight photos from Terry Moore into a new Camp Holloway Part Two Photo Album.

6/9/09 - Added twenty two new photos to the Lai Khe Part Four Photo Album from Dwayne Guidry.
Also added seven new photos to the Camp Holloway Photo Album and nine photos to a new Lai Khe Part Five Photo Album from Terry Moore

5/30/09 - Added two photos from Mrs. Petersen to the Camp Evans Part Four Photo Album.
Also added a new story about Major Petersen from Bob Witt to the I Corps Story Section.

5/18/09 - Added 61 new photos to a new photo album - Phan Thiet Part 5 - from Jim Puhala, who flew guns with D/227 at Phan Thiet.

5/8/09 - Added 36 new photos to the Lai Khe Part Four Photo Album from David Priest.

4/22/09 - Added a total of 90 new photos from Bill Flora. New photos added to existing "An Khe Part One" and "III Corps" photo albums. Also three new photo album added: "Lai Khe Part Four", "Saigon", and "Cam Rahn Bay".

4/21/09 - Added three new photos to the Reunion Photo Album.

4/17/09 - From Craig Tonjes: Michael D. George (1969 - 1970) passed Thursday morning. According to his wife, it was without pain and suffering.

4/15/09 - Message from Craig Tonjes (70-71) regarding Mike George (69-71 - Online Roster): "I just got word from Mike's wife that he is in hospice, with only a few days remaining at best. Mike was far and away the best slick pilot I ever allowed to fly my bird."

4/3/09 - Added eight new photos to a new Camp Evans Photo Album (Part Four).

3/30/09 - Added a new story to the Early II Corps section from Bob Kelly

3/16/09 - Added the after action report for the 1968 A Shau Valley Operation (Operation Delaware Lam Son 216) for the 227th Aviation Battalion to our 1968 history section. This report provided by Jay Dirnburger.

3/6/09 - Added 75 new photos to the Lai Khe Part Three Photo Album from Randy Hankins. Randy was Crew Chief on 392.

3/4/09 - Added new photos to the Khe Sanh and A Shau Photo Albums from Doc McBride. Doc Mcbride, Mike Sprayberry's medic at LZ Tiger, took these pictures on his return trip to Vietnam. He returned to the A Shau to look for his unit's MIA's lost at Tiger.

2/18/09 - Added 29 photos to a new photo album (Lai Khe Part Three).

1/27/09 - Added 15 new photos to the Lai Khe Part Two Photo Album.

1/25/09 - Added 13 new photos to the Lai Khe Part Two Photo Album.

1/23/09 - Added four new photos to the Holloway Photo Album and a copy of the Presidential Unit Citation in the 1967 History Section.

1/19/09 - Added eleven new stories to the "Early II Corps" stories from R. Thom Jeffereson.

1/17/09 - Added twenty new photos to the "An Khe Part 1", Photo Album.

1/4/09 - Added a new story to the "Early II Corps" story link.

1/2/09 - Activated the Reunion Website. The reunion planning is in progress and information will be posted on the Reunion Website as it is available.

12/22/08 - Added new photos to the "An Khe AO", "LZ Oasis", and "Phan Thiet AO 4", Photo Albums

12/1/08 - Updated the DAT information on the Memorial Page

11/23/08 - Added new photo albums for Fort Wolters and Fort Rucker under "Flight School"

10/29/08 - Added a new photo album of the First Cavalry Museum at Fort Hood, Texas

10/28/08 - Added 20 new photos to a new Phan Thiet photo album.

10/11/08 - Added 300+ photos to the website albums from Bob Kelly. Bob flew with A/227 at Phan Thiet then transferred to D/227 for the remainder of his tour which took him through LZ English and Camp Evans.

8/2/08 - I have changed the background of the website and also updated the menu software. Should you have any problems with the menu - or find links that do not work, please let me know at:

7/30/08 - Added a new photo album with 80 new photos of the An Khe AO.

7/20/08 - Added a new section called Searching that lists requests for infomation about events that may have included A/227 aircraft and personnel.

7/18/08 - Added several new photos to the An Khe Photo Album.

7/4/08 - Added a copy of the 227th AHB weekly newsletter for 3 Jun 1967 to the history section

5/10/08 - Added five new stories from the 1966 - 1967 time period.

5/9/08 - Added six new photos to the Phan Thiet Photo Album and three new photos to the Camp Holloway Photo Album

5/7/08 - Added several new photos to the Phan Thiet Photo Album.

4/30/08 - Added several new stories from 1966.

4/3/08 - I have switched over the Flight Log onto our own webspace so that we can make better use of the information contained. The Flight Log is now searchable for any word in the entire post.

3/31/08 - Added twenty seven new photos to the Lai Khe part 2 photo album and three new photos to the III Corps photo album.

3/27/08 - We have a new Members Only Forum. The OLD forum is no longer active. Our new forum is ready to operate without a hitch - but if you find any problems please let me know. The link is active on each page under: FORUM - Members Only. Please note that everyone will have to register to begin using the new forum.

3/26/08 - Our new webhosting service provides the opportunity to develop communication methods for members on our own website. These options include features like: mailing lists, forums, guestbooks, etc. I am in the process of trying   :-}   to learn the basics of some new (to me) computer language (mysql, PHP) and will be activating new features as soon as possible.

3/20/08 - Added 18 new photos to the Holloway Photo Album

3/18/08 - Obviously new is the URL for our website. I have moved the site to our own Domain

to take advantage of more space and services from our new hosting service. I have updated pages to reflect this change - but if you find any missing items - or links that do not work please let me know at:

3/16/08 - Added six new photos to the Lai Khe Photo Album

3/15/08 - Added Rosters of flight crews from the 1966 time period to the history section

2/28/08 - Added new photo album for reunions.

2/25/08 - Added two new stories about I Corps.

2/15/08 - Added new photos to most of the photo albums from 1968 - 1969.

1/26/08 - Our site has been updated with updated pages, new pages, and new photo albums.

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